Contribute to DMA

Contribute to DMA

Your tax-deductible gift to Divine Mercy Academy is an investment in the souls and intellects of K-8 children.

Your gift to Divine Mercy Academy ensures that:


We can continue to educate all children, regardless of their financial ability in the classical liberal arts in the Catholic tradition, freeing their minds so that they may live holy, well-ordered lives.

Forever Home

We can establish a “forever home” for our students so that they may learn in a beautiful, consistent environment.
We can attract the best teachers and administrators for our school, ensuring that our students receive an outstanding education from faithful Catholics who care about the formation of their students.

Transform our Nation

We can grow the number of students who receive a Catholic liberal arts education, transforming our communities and our nation.
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Divine Mercy Academy
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Support Divine Mercy Academy (Saints & Scholars)

A Detailed Look at Our Needs:

The Educator Excellence Fund

• Provides financial support to close the compensation package gap so we can keep our dedicated and hard working educators, and attract other similar professionals.

• Provides financial support to hire more teachers to give additional support in the classroom.

• Provides financial support to pay for janitorial services.

The Student Scholarship Fund

• Builds a strong student scholarship endowment from which we can pull interest that will cover the cost of student financial aid without compromising educator salaries

The Arts & Sciences Fund

• Provides materials and equipment needed to sustain and elevate art and science programs programs which can be expensive. Many of the materials that are required are disposable, and need to be continually replenished.

• Provides art supplies, musical instruments, PE and recess equipment, funding for dance troupe trips, and science experiment kits which would all go a long way to sustaining and increasing the quality of our curriculum

The Future Fund

• Establishes a capital fund and seed money to begin these new ventures.

The General Fund

• Covers the gap to ensure we finish the year year with a net positive so we can augment, rather than dip into our modest, yet critically important reserves.