About Divine Mercy Academy

Divine Mercy Academy provides students with a foundation by which they are truly made free to seek truth and live joyful, productive lives informed by reason and virtue in order to help bear witness to the kingdom of God in our day.

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at our core


We value truth as the foundation of knowledge, fostering critical thinking skills, and nurturing students’ integrity, curiosity, and love of learning.


We value beauty as an essential human experience, cultivating students’ appreciation for aesthetics, the arts, and creativity.


Goodness is a vital aspect of students’ education, fostering integrity and a commitment to service and justice.

"The glory of God is man fully alive."

- St. Irenaeus

Our Mission

The mission of Divine Mercy Academy is to partner with parents in their role as primary educators to help students to flourish as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Through a Catholic liberal arts education, we foster a love for truth, beauty, and goodness.  Under the patronage of Our Lady, we aim to form Saints and Scholars to live freely and joyfully in accordance with the truth revealed by God through nature and the Catholic Church.

Our Vision: 

Divine Mercy Academy contributes to a renaissance of the Catholic intellectual tradition and a renewal of the Catholic Church with on-fire, faithful families, strengthening our Church and Nation as a whole.

Our Core Values:

  1. Upholding the Family
    Parents are the primary educators of their children and they entrust us with formation that is consistent with what they are providing at home. We seek to support and assist the building up of the Church and society by forming these children to be saints and scholars in a way that also elevates and enlightens the formation of the families from which they come.
  2. Encounter with Jesus Christ.
    The first priority in formation is ensuring our students experience a personal encounter with our Lord. We do this through incorporating a full sacramental and prayer life into the school schedule, by joyfully living out the Gospel, and by frequent engagement with Catholic missionaries. 
  3.  Joyful Catholic Devotion
    We model Joyful Catholic devotion, create an environment pervaded by joyful devotion and teach our children that this encounter with Jesus should lead to a joyful embracing the fullness of our Catholic faith, the sacraments, and traditions.
  4.  Awe and Wonder
    A love of Our Lord will lead our students to desire to explore the grandeur of God’s creation with a joy of discovering truth, which ultimately leads back to Truth Himself.
  5.  Classical Excellence
    We utilize the timeless benefits of Catholic Liberal (classical) education to foster an understanding of Truth as revealed through natural law and the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  6. Courage to Flourish
    As a result, we empower our students and their families to stand firm in the faith and to be leaven to the Church and society.