Loaves and Fishes

DMA Loaves and Fishes Campaign

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Mission: To change the world by forming a generation of saints to inspire others to lives of holiness wherever they go. 

Summary: The Loaves and Fishes campaign is a fun and engaging way to have families come together to work on a common goal and help grow and learn about finances and the faith.  We encourage families to combine efforts and have as much fun as possible, reducing their tuition and helping the school grow.

Campaign Objectives:   

1) Making DMA’s unique and powerful classical and Catholic education accessible to any family who desires it.   

2) Achieving faculty and staff compensation goals which would place DMA competitively in the educational sphere.

3) Enabling the school to purchase a “forever” property to grow and serve an increasing number of local families

How It Works: Families have the opportunity to fundraise their tuition in any way they like while also benefiting the school. 

Ways to raise money:

  • Invite extended family members, neighbors and friends to make a tax-deductible contribution to the school in the name of the family.
  • Ask businesses to make a tax-deductible contribution and receive recognition on our website as a “Friend of DMA”, in conjunction with other sponsorship opportunities
  • Facebook fundraisers
  • Go Fund me campaigns
  • Any other fundraiser can work for this. (Krispy Kreme, cookie sales, frozen pizza, etc.)


To Donors: Donations are tax-deductible, recognition on DMA’s webpage, a recognition plaque for the donation from the students of DMA (for donations above $8,000). 

To Families: Tuition credit for this year = free education!

To DMA: Achievement of financial goals which ensure a healthy and thriving school well into the future. 

Details: For every contribution given to the school, at least 25% of the donation will be credited to that family’s tuition bill. 

For example - If Grandpa and Grandma make a $4,000 tax-deductible donation to the school, a $1,000 credit will go toward the family account, reducing tuition payments for the rest of the year and $3,000 goes towards achieving school financial goals. 

Campaign Bronze goal - $125,000, which equates to approximately $2,000 raised per child. This goal will enable the school to achieve its desired salary and compensation package for our hard working tutors. 

For every additional $10,000 raised for the school over the school’s minimum goal, every family will receive 1% extra tuition credit on the money they have raised, not to exceed 50%.

Campaign Silver goal - $375,000 raised, each family will receive 50% of their families’ money raised. In this case, of Grandpa and Grandma’s $4,000, a full $2,000 will go back to the family as credit to their account.

Campaign Gold goal - Every child fully funded! ($1.6M). This will enable DMA to cover the down payment for a permanent property and begin to renovate and build it’s dream location and no family will have tuition payments!

Excess credit made over a family’s tuition will go into a scholarship fund for DMA’s neediest families.

*All donations are tax-deductable! 

Instructions: Ensure donations are marked “Loaves and Fishes” and have a family name associated with it to ensure proper crediting of the donations. 


1. Bayside Heating and Cooling

2. Betty Ryon

3. Jim Robinson Home Builders

4. JoAnn Wheeler

5. John Swink


Grand Total: $9,779

1. McClain

2. Johle

3. Switzer

4. Moore

5. Ruppert 

Grand Total: $9,779