First child – $7,000

Second child – $6,500

Third child – $6,000

Fourth child – $5,500

Additional children will be discounted an additional $500 in the same pattern.

Application Fee

Covers the cost of the TADS portal and payment system. $75.00 per child

Registration Fee

Covers the cost of the Includes textbooks and all instructional materials; library books, materials, and software; art, music, and P.E. program equipment/materials; $500 per child.

Tuition Payment Policies

Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or on a 12-month pay schedule (June-May).

Annual payments are due on June 5th.  Semi-annual payments on December 5th. Monthly payments may be made on either the 5th or the 15th of the month. A $29 late fee will be assessed after 10 days.

Discounts and Financial Aid

If a completed application is submitted by Jan 30th, tuition of each child will be discounted $250.

We are also offering a $1,000 discount off of tuition for a referral of our school which results in a family enrolling their children at Divine Mercy Academy.

If interested in Financial Aid, please apply through the TADS admissions portal.