School uniforms are designed to take the pressure off competition and economic status for students. Uniforms encourage a neat, consistent appearance and assist students as they concentrate on their studies. The uniform code is strictly enforced by the school faculty and administration. All uniforms should be clean, pressed and free of holes. Shoes and socks must be worn at all times.

1. All Grade levels:

a. All students shall wear a DMA uniform (or after-school activity specific dress) from the moment they step onto campus until when they depart.

b. All students will wear a DMA Royal Blue collared shirt with the logo on the left breast.

This shirt shall be ordered from Propst and Sons.  Click here to order uniforms.

c. Before November 1st and on or after April 1st, boys shall wear non-pleated khaki shorts with a brown belt and white crew socks. During these times, girls shall wear Khaki skirts (with black bike shorts) or skorts with white crew socks.

d. Between November 1st and March 31st, boys shall wear non-pleated light khaki pants with a brown belt to complement their shoes. Girls shall wear Knee-high White socks in place of the white crew socks. All skirt hems must fall at or below the knee.

Click here for the link for girls skirts.

(please note that if you already have khaki skirts that are knee length, you can continue to use those)

e. A white undershirt is recommended for use under the uniform shirt.  This should be the DMA PE t-shirt on PE days.

f. A grey fleece jacket with the DMA logo may be worn during cooler weather. The Fleece shall not be wrapped around the waist, but rather hung on the back of a chair. 

Click below to purchase a grey fleece jacket (previous years’ fleeces is acceptable, if in good condition).  Once you have the jacket in hand, bring it to Propst and Sons to have them embroider it with the DMA logo.

Click here for the link to the fleeces

g. Hair should be clean and not be a cause of distraction and prevent learning. It should be pulled out of the face. All accessories, including girls’ hair bands/ties and barrettes, should be conservative and complement the uniform (Royal Blue or White).

h. No make-up or face glitter is to be worn by students at any time. No fingernail polish or lip gloss will be allowed. A basic chapstick is permitted for personal use only.

i. Shoes will be BROWN Suede Bucks dress shoes.

Click here for a link to Bucks Shoes. It is not required that you purchase these from Nordstrom Rack, but they must look like these.

The administration reserves the right to determine the definition of appropriate school dress. Parents may be called to bring a change of clothes for students who are inappropriately dressed. The children generally go outside, even when the weather is
cold. During these times, it is necessary for them to have hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

Occasionally DMA allows students to have “Dress Down Days” where they may dress out of uniform. Children may wear jeans, khakis or other clean, casual type slacks with appropriate tops. T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. may be worn, but they must be appropriate to the Catholic environment of DMA. It is permissible for girls to wear a casual skirt on “out of uniform” days, as long as the skirt follows the guidelines for uniform skirts and the hem touches the top of the knee or longer.

Requirements for All Grades
Hair Hair must be clean and neat
No dyed or spiked hair
No bizarre cuts or designs
Hair accessories should be simple; no scarves or dangling headbands may be worn
For boys, hair should be cut above the eyebrows and around the ears; hair should not
fall over the collar

For safety reasons no dangling earrings (including religious symbols) will be permitted.
No bracelets or necklaces (aside from a miraculous medal on a chain) may be worn. For boys, other than a Christian medal on a chain, and/or a watch no jewelry is permitted.

DMA Physical Education 2020-2021  *Sportswear*

  1. Students will need to wear the DMA PE T-shirt on PE days. (with printed large copy of our logo in the front) - Click here to order uniforms.
  2. Children will wear their DMA uniform bottoms / socks as described above for PE times.  Children will not change clothes during the school day. The PE shirt should be worn as an undershirt on PE days (see above).
  3. Children must bring their own tennis shoes to change into on PE days.  Tennis shoes should be in good condition, no light-up or neon colored shoes.  Solid neutral colors are preferred.